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Safety & Security

True resiliency is based on an all-hazards approach to Safety and Security. Mitigating the risks from hazards ranging from floods to active assailants is the key to building that resiliency. Strategic action plans coupled with physical security measures that are designed to be one cohesive strategy are essential to mitigating risk.

Physical Security

Section Subtitle

  • Physical Security Analysis

  • Camera Analysis & Design

  • Access Control Analysis & Design

  • Intrusion Detection Systems Design (IDS)

  • Security by Design

  • Vehicle Intrusion Mitigation

  • Fence/Structure Design

  • Door Analysis

  • Door Hardware & System Analysis

  • Physical Security Spec Writing

  • Window Analysis

  • Soft Target Mitigation

  • Physical Security Integration

  • Project Management

  • Specification Writing

  • Design Analysis

Physical Security

Emergency Operation Planning

Section Subtitle

  • Emergency Action Plan Analysis (EAP)

  • Emergency Operation Plan Analysis (EOP)

  • Readiness & Response Analysis

  • Readiness & Response Training

  • Continuity of Operation Planning

  • Emergency Action Plan Drills

  • After Action Report/Improvement Plan Development

  • Tabletop Exercises

  • Training

Emergency Operation Planning

Site Safety

Section Subtitle

  • Fire Life Safety Assessment (FLS)

  • Site Assessments

  • Safety Policy Review

  • Training

  • AWAIR Program Development

Site Safety

General Safety/Security

Section Subtitle

  • Resiliency Analysis

  • Acts of God Analysis

  • All Hazards Assessments

  • Disaster Response and Recovery

  • Active Shooter Response Training

  • Emergency Communications

  • Public Private Partnership Development

  • Public Sector Liasion

General Safety/Security
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